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Overpass gameplay trailer released

The hill-climbing adventure, Overpass, has been revealed in a new video that shows off Obstacle Courses and Hillclimbs.

Nacon and Zordix Racing have highlighted some of the new gameplay elements in Overpass in a new video that focuses on the two types of track available: Obstacle Courses and Hillclimbs. While the game is already available for PC via the Epic Games Store in North America, the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions will be available on 17 March.

With Obstacle Courses, the challenge is in knowing how to cross each natural or artificial obstacle in the best way possible. This requires careful use of the throttle, deciding where to position the wheels for the best grip, and using the differential lock wisely to avoid getting stuck. Many options are available to the player and the best one will depend on several factors: the vehicle, the terrain, damage to the vehicle and the player’s driving style.

For Hillclimbs, the goal is to find a path up to the hill’s summit. It’s usually a shorter distance but a harder challenge. Knowing how to analyse the terrain is essential for climbing the steep slopes successfully.

In this off-road simulation, challenge yourself on extreme tracks at the controls of buggies and quads from major manufacturers. In a variety of local and online game modes, master the terrain physics, overcome obstacles and cope with damage to your vehicle to triumph in this demanding off-road challenge.

Overpass is available on PC via the Epic Games Store, and on 17 March for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms. To know more about the game, visit the official website:

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