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Numskull reveals Star Trek CosCups

Trekkies can pick up Picard, Worf, Troi, and Geordi CosCups, which hold 400ml of hot or cold beverages.



Great news for Trekkies as Numskull releases a new concept in drinking cups with the launch of CosCups. As the name suggests, these are cosplaying cups that celebrate popular movie, TV and video game characters and the latest characters to get a CosCups makeover are from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Picard, Worf, Troi and Geordi have gone AWOL from the USS Enterprise and find themselves gracing these quirky, ceramic cups! Their faces are at the top and the silicone sleeve shows their fabulous Star Trek costumes. 

Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, four popular characters will launch this collection:

Star Trek Jean-Luc Picard CosCup

Celebrated Starfleet officer, archaeologist, writer, historian, diplomat and now a hot/cold drink cup – is there anything that Jean-Luc Picard can’t do?!

Star Trek Deanna Troi CosCup

It looks like Deanna Troi’s emphatic skills are coming in handy as she’s prepped and ready to offer her services for hot beverages.

Star Trek Geordi La Forge CosCup

Everyone’s favourite visored engineer, Geordi La Forge, tries his hand as a barista as he’s been transformed into a vessel for hot and cold beverages.

Star Trek Worf CosCup

There’s no need to Klingon to those dreams of adventures in space as Worf’s here to accompany users while they sip on a hot/cold drink.

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