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Where to watch the Nintendo Direct presentation

The Nintendo Direct presentation will take place at midnight (South African time) on Friday, 24 September.



Nintendo announced via Twitter that its September Direct presentation will be broadcasted at 15:00 Pacific Time, or midnight on Friday in South Africa. It said the presentation will showcase all the Nintendo Switch games coming for the upcoming holiday season in 40 minutes.

Apart from Metroid Dread launching in October, and the new Pokémon games launching in November, there aren’t many AAA titles lined up for the holiday season at the time of writing. This will most likely be very different after today’s presentation.

It’s possible we may see Bayonetta 3 and a few Nintendo 64 games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. This is based on expectations and industry rumours.

To tune into the presentation, visit

UPDATE: Bayonetta 3 and nine Nintendo 64 games were introduced during the Direct session, among many other announcements.