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Chess meets Bomberman in Chessplosion

The arcade action puzzle game Chessplosion is a mixture of Chess and Bomberman, and is available now on Steam for PC.

Solo developer CT Matthews has released Chessplosion, a mixture of Chess and Bomberman is available today on Steam.

The game is an arcade action puzzle game where players drop chess piece-shaped bombs to create chain reactions and trap opponents. Defeat enemies and bosses in Adventure Mode, break targets with limited bombs in Puzzle Mode, dodge explosions in Survival Mode, or fight friends and AI in Battle Mode.

The game offers the following modes:

Adventure Mode

Defeat a variety of enemy types and boss fights in Adventure Mode, inspired by the movement patterns of chess pieces. Avoid charging Rooks, don’t get shot by Bishops’ diagonal projectiles, and watch out for stomping Knights. There are eight bosses and over 90 stages in this mode.

Puzzle Mode

Solve over 100 puzzles in Puzzle Mode, by using limited bombs to cause a chain reaction and break the targets. Make sure you don’t get trapped in the blast yourself! There are over 100 puzzles in this mode.

Survival Mode

Dodge explosions in Survival Mode, where users are pitted against waves of tricky bomb patterns. It starts simple enough, but by the end, users will be dodging bullet hell Queen explosions and solving chess puzzles in real-time. There are over 10 stages in this mode.

Battle Mode
Go head-to-head in Battle Mode, either fighting against the AI or against other players in local or online multiplayer (with rollback netcode). If players want a change from the regular Free For All Battles or Team Battles, the Tennis Battle mode lets them throw bombs over the centre line to create bomb patterns for their opponent to dodge. Battle friends in 12 different arenas in Battle Mode, with up to 4 players in online or local multiplayer.

Chessplosion costs R89 and is available on Steam for PC here.

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