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Music – Premiering on DStv Box Office

The feature film Music is skipping cinemas and heading straight for DStv Box Office in early February. The movie stars Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr, and Maddie Ziegler, and is directed by Sia.

Music is about the magic that can happen when someone who cannot speak with words finds people who can listen with their hearts. That’s the idea behind Music, a musical feature film directed by nine-time Grammy nominee Sia, which will release as a cinema premiere on Dstv Box Office on 12 February 2021.  

The film stars Kate Hudson (Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), Leslie Odom Jr (Hamilton, Central Park, Rent) and Maddie Ziegler, who has featured in eight of Sia’s music videos, and joined her on tour. Nine-time Grammy nominee Sia wrote, produced, and directed the film.  

The story begins when Zu ​(Kate Hudson), estranged from her family and a lifelong self-saboteur, finds herself the sole guardian of Music ​(Maddie Ziegler), her teenage half-sister. Music is nonverbal and on the autism spectrum, and her late grandmother left behind a schedule and daily routine to support her with the help of some neighbourhood friends. 

Not having had her grandmother’s experience of loving and caring for Music, Zu instantly struggles with her new responsibility as caretaker. Their less than peaceful first breakfast together is overheard by their neighbor Ebo ​(Leslie Odom Jr), a kind and gentle soul who surprises Zu by demonstrating not only his compassion, but his keen understanding of Music.  

Music c​ombines a heartfelt tale about the power of love with musical sequences that propel and amplify the story, giving the audience a vivid window into the characters’ inner lives. The film also features ten musical numbers built around original Sia compositions written expressly for the film and performed by its cast. 

“Deeply felt, Music is a bold and compelling reinvention of the screen musical and a moving story of how individuals struggle and then come together and create community” says Benjamin Cowley, CEO Gravel Road Distribution Group. “The film is uplifting, light and soulful at the same time.”  

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