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Mortal Online 2 gets new enemy AI in new dungeons

The latest update for early access game Mortal Online 2 adds artificially intelligent enemy battles in a new dungeon.



Game development company Star Vault has released the latest patch ( for their upcoming first-person, fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Mortal Online 2. The latest update introduces advanced AI for enemies, as well as new larger foes that require players working together to bring down.

The game developers say Enemy AI has had a massive overhaul with the addition of group behaviour, the ability to heal, along with the first “Tier 2” encounters. To make sure players are ready to take on these challenges, it says it has made some small but impactful tweaks to its combat system to promote and reward player skills.

These new encounters and additions can be found in-game now along with many more changes and fixes, as well as a new dungeon that has opened up.

Mortal Online 2 will release later this year but players can support the development of the game and jump into the action by joining the closed beta here.

Disclaimer: This is not a finished product. Many areas and systems are still incomplete. We strongly recommend that players who are expecting a finished product return to the game when we enter Persistent Early Access. For now, you can expect to see bugs, crashes, server issues, missing content, etc. as this is a critical part of the test. We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing the smoothest gameplay experience possible in the near future.