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Mlindo the Vocalist collabs with Nathi

Award winning singer and songwriter Mlindo the Vocalist has collaborated with Nathi on a new single called Mali.

Award winning singer and songwriter, Mlindo the Vocalist, has released his new single, Mali, which features critically acclaimed afro pop artist Nathi.  

Mali demonstrates what makes Mlindo great – a versatile, well-written song that aptly observes and captures the world and is delivered brimming with emotion and soul.   

Of the collab, Mlindo the Vocalist says: “I am a big fan of Nathi and I am so honoured to have him on the song with me. I actually can’t really believe that I have a song with Nathi.” 

The song soulfully explores the age-old experience that countless South Africans have had to undertake of moving to Johannesburg to work and support their families back home. It also describes the pain of becoming successful and people only see you as a meal ticket. 

“A lot of people know how it feels to be financially responsible for your family – black tax – and sometimes even your friends,” says Mlindo “You don’t even enjoy going out anymore because everyone looks to you when the bill comes.”  

Stream or download Mali here: 

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