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Mettlestate to host 2021 FIFAe Nations Series Qualifiers

Mettlestate will host the FIFAe Nations Cup qualifiers in South Africa for 2021 on its platform.

In support of the South African Football Federation (SAFA), Mettlestate have announced it will be hosting the SAFA eCup, which is the FIFAe Nations Cup qualifiers in South Africa for 2021 on the Mettlestate platform.

South Africa’s top contenders are set to compete in one of the world’s most prestigious esports events. The FIFAe Nations Series sees the world’s best gamers go for goal with teams made up of all six FIFA Zones – the North America, Middle-East Africa, Oceania, Asia, South America and the EU.

Barry Louzada, founder and director at Mettlestate says, “For every gamer, it’s always a privilege and an honour to be given the opportunity to represent your country on the world stage. It gives a great sense of validation for all the hours spent gaming. When your nation recognises you for gaming, it’s a surreal experience. And for Mettlestate, hosting the qualifiers is an extremely special moment for us”.

Top contenders on the 15th and 16th April to look out for include the likes of  Kaylan “KaylanYT” Moodley, Julio “TheBeastBianchi” Bianchi and Thabo “Yvng Savage” Moloi from Goliath Gaming.

One player for PlayStation (plus one reserve) and one player for Xbox (plus one reserve) will represent South Africa at the international FIFAe Nations Cup and fans can find out more about the SAFA eCup on .

For more information on Mettlestate’s tournaments and how to participate, visit

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