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Wheels of the Week: Orchestral maneuvers on the road

Who needs a steering wheel when you can be the conductor of your own high-tech orchestra in a Mercedes Benz A200 d Sedan AMG? SHERYL GOLDSTUCK has the baton.

Hold onto your Autobahn dreams, gearheads, because I am about to dissect the Mercedes-Benz A200 d Sedan AMG – a mouthful of a name for a car that promises diesel efficiency, sporty thrills, and a touch of luxury, all rolled into one sleek package.

This A-Class cuts a striking figure. The AMG treatment adds an aggressive body kit that screams “performance,” while the sleek lines say “fast” even when it is parked. The Mercedes badge on the grille ensures everyone knows this vehicle has class.

AMG sport seats hug you in during sharp corners, the flat-bottomed steering wheel feels comfortable in my hands, and Mercedes does not skimp on materials – it has got a nice blend of soft-touch surfaces and premium accents. The backseats are snug with sufficient leg room.

Now, let me talk about what truly sets this A-Class apart: the AMG treatment and the surprise under the hood. This Benz boasts a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine.  Do not scoff yet, because this little oil-burner punches above its weight. It delivers surprising power and torque, all while offering impressive fuel efficiency. But that AMG badge is not just for show – the sharper steering, upgraded suspension, and increased power make taking corners an absolute joy. Buckle up, because this A200 d AMG scoots.  

Let me not forget the technology. This A-Class comes with the latest Mercedes bells and whistles and is practically bursting at the seams with tech wizardry.  It has a widescreen infotainment system that recognises gestures and voice control. Who needs a steering wheel when you can be the conductor of your own high-tech orchestra on the road?

With Mercedes, you experience the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system. Once I fired up MBUX, it was like stepping into a tech wonderland. Say goodbye to tangled cords because wireless connection to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay is just the tip of the iceberg. With MBUX, every drive is an adventure filled with convenience and joy.

Standard safety features include lane keep assist, tyre pressure monitoring, cruise control and active brake assist.

The cargo capacity is impressive. Packing for the weekend getaway does not have to be limited to just an overnight bag and toothbrush.  You may want to pack for every occasion. Who knows if there is an orchestra in the forest or on the beach?

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