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Are you in it to Wing it?

Gadget, in partnership with LG South Africa, is giving away an LG Wing smartphone to a reader who can answer one simple question about the new dual-screen smartphone.

You’ve seen it time and time again. Another smartphone, maybe the notch moves to the left, maybe the fingerprint sensor moves, but it’s still another near-zero bezel smartphone. Now that this design has trickled down to entry-level handsets, LG has moved on.

LG has, literally, flipped the form factor on its side with the LG Wing 5G, which looks like any other 2020 smartphone at first glance, but swivels out horizontally to provide a hidden screen beneath the main display.

In the aptly named “Basic Mode”, the device is the familiar form factor with a 6.8” POLED FullVision display, which is perfect for video content. Then, like magic, the display can be pushed out by 90 ˚ to reveal a 3.9” second screen that enables more apps – or more of an app – to be used. The second screen can either act as a control area when the main screen needs to be used purely for viewing, or the device can be flipped around to put the second screen on top for gaming.

Whether users are combining messenger with a movie, writing in a landscape document with a comfortable portrait keyboard, or using the second screen as a grip for recording video, the Wing has many options to change how we use our handsets.

The Wing is not a one-trick pony though. It features an advanced camera system that, in combination with the swivel design, enables increased stability when taking photos and videos. The 32MP selfie camera is also neatly tucked away inside the handset, and pops out by means of a motorised mechanism when it’s needed.

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