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Youth challenged to solve world’s problems

Applications have opened for the Global Young Innovators Programme, a programme offered to 60 young innovators and entrepreneurs in South Africa and the United Kingdom to come together to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Aimed at 18-30 year young individuals with bright, early-stage ideas or founders of early start-ups, the primarily virtual programme will task applicants with co-designing projects to tackle five of the global challenges.

The programme is to be launched in SA and the UK on 9 December at 11h00 SA time by Innovate UK, an innovation agency that is part of UK Research and Innovation.

Innovate UK provided the following information:

With the belief that world-changing ideas can come from anyone, the programme Global Young Innovators Programme was designed by #IdeasMeanBusiness and Innovate UK to remove barriers and create a performance driven-environment for young entrepreneurs to collaborate, generate impactful ideas, and take those ideas to market.

30 South African and 30 UK young residents with forward-thinking entrepreneurial minds will be chosen to participate in the programme and come together to ignite ideas and co-design solutions that can help solve challenges facing our global community.

What does the programme offer?

  • A five-day virtual boot camp
  • Collaboration with bright young minds both in the UK and in SA
  • 3-9 months programme, business support and mentoring
  • Six-stage innovation webinar series
  • Two-day pitch virtual training
  • Access to seed funding at R200k, for 15 of the best projects
  • Access to industry leaders & innovation experts
  • An action plan, business plan & funding application

Who should apply?

South African residents aged 18-30 with a smart idea or an early stage or start-up business who are able to generate an idea or solution to solve one of five key global challenges and eager to collaborate with young UK innovators.

The Five Global Challenges:
Low–Carbon – Innovations that can support the move towards a low-carbon economy.
Infrastructure – Innovations with a mission to support the sustainable expansion of our cities, rural communities and infrastructure.
Urban and Rural Communities – Innovations which can create a positive impact on urban and rural communities, transforming them in sustainable ways whilst working to maintain their heritage and cultural access. Supporting access to and retaining clean water and sanitation.
Education – Innovative products and services which can improve education and training.
Quality Healthcare – Innovative ideas and solutions to improve the quality of healthcare provision.

Programme dates & events in 2020-2021:

  • 9 December 2020: Launch Event @ 11h00 South African time
  • 8 January 2021: Programme Applications close
  • 15 January 2021: Successful applicants appointed and announced
  • 24 January 2021:Programme and 5 day boot camp starts

Register Here to attend the Online Launch Event at 11am, 9 December 2020

To learn more about the full programme go to: SAYoungInnovators

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