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Become Fantasy Kommander in the Eukarion Wars

The ’90s retro turn-based strategy game, inspired by medieval fantasy, lets you do war on hexagonal maps for old school, digital-table-top action.

The ’90s retro turn-based strategy game Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars is headed for Steam for PC.

Gamers have been invited by AgeofGames to wishlist the game now, and get ready to immerse themselves in a medieval-inspired isometric realm of fantasy, where epic battles, engaging storylines, and tactical challenges await.

The ’90s-style pre-rendered graphics are intended to provide an authentic retro, digital-board-game experience. “With tons of factions, from humans to elves, dwarves and goblins, get all the traditional fantasy worldbuilding, and do battle like it’s 1993,” says AgeofGames.

Set on a hex map filled with diverse terrains, this operational-level strategy game presents a high-quality window into games of the past, with dozens of pages filled with strategy, unit strengths and weaknesses, rules and regulations, enhanced with engaging character voice overs, and highly competent AI opponents.

AgeofGames provided the following description:

Engage in four campaigns, each consisting of multiple battles with primary and secondary objectives of escalating difficulty. As you progress, you’ll unlock victory levels determined by completing objectives within time limits. Achieving higher levels rewards you with gold, fame points, and various benefits such as unit upgrades, resurrection of fallen troops, new powers, and expanded recruitment options. Visit the encampment after battles to level up your army.

Lead your troops strategically by deploying them before each battle, considering facing and movement options. Engage in melee and ranged combat, utilizing spells and missile weapons to gain an edge. With 32 special abilities, 32 spells, and six different races, the tactical possibilities are vast.

Join the Battle for Adamantia:

From combat tables to unit health and morale, every tactical factor is carefully considered. Deploy units bound together in armies of 100, meet unique entities and lead the way in combat where heroes and dragons take centre stage. Units in Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars function just like RPG characters, possessing distinct characteristics and special abilities that can be enhanced as they gain experience.

The game unfolds through single-player campaigns intertwined with an engaging plot taking you into an immense world spanning miles, biomes and epochs. As a young general thrust into a devastating war, you receive messages from Emperor Karl and the Great Council of Mages, revealing the ultimate objective of ‘the Abyss’, your enemy. It’s up to you now to take the reins, build an army and rid the world of evil.

“Fantasy Kommander Eukarion Wars offers a truly immersive experience, blending challenging and well thought out strategy with a captivating storyline developed from decades of medieval studies and creative expeditions,” says Fabio Belsanti, CEO of AgeofGames. “Players can expect a combination of tactical depth, engaging battles, and a rich fantasy narrative that will keep them hooked from start to finish, all with a 90s retro feel that puts graphics second to story, mechanics and plans of world domination!”

Players can only move one unit at a time, and combat follows a strictly symmetrical turn-based approach.

Key Features:

  • Complex Battle System incorporating various tactical factors
  • Full voiceovers
  • Immersive storyline inspired by European medieval traditions and fantasy narratives
  • Four single-player campaigns with 25 epic battles, heroes, enemy generals, and side quests
  • Over 70 unique units to recruit, upgrade, and unleash upon the battlefield
  • RPG-like units with customizable stats and abilities
  • Powerful spells to wield and hordes of enemies to face

* AgeofGames’ new narrative RPG inspired by their best selling novel, NumeN, is preparing for crowdfunding.  –Support the project on KickStarter here.

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