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High-end gaming for all

The new Predator Triton 700  from Acer Africa aims to make gaming portable and attainable for gamers of any level. The Predator Trition 700 boasts a 7th Gen Intel Core i71 Processor with innovative cooling and extreme power.

This device was manufactured to effectively fit into the business environment yet allowing a seamless gaming experience. Gaming devices are traditionally bulky, unwieldly and cumbersome to transport. With its refined design the chassis measures in at only 18.9mm in width and the unibody aluminum chassis with Corning Gorilla Glass Precision touchpad, ensure the Triton is easy to handle during game time as well as providing portability for the professional.

This device is intensely technologically driven to stay in the center of the gaming action as most gamers will relate that they require extreme performance and prefer portability in one. The Triton is virtual reality (VR) ready and allows the user full control with its Backlit RGB mechanical keyboard and PredatorSense Control that permits you to customise your gaming experience from one place.

With the introduction of the Triton to the market the aim is to enable the user to take their gaming with them by keeping the power and performance yet losing the weight with the ultrathin, metal-finned AeroBlade 3D fans that make thin possible without sacrificing graphics.

The Triton 7th Gen Intel Core i71 Processor is available for purchase at Loot from R37 999.

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