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Hellraiser comes to Dead By Daylight

The 1987 horror classic’s Cenobite characters, including Pinhead and the Chatterer, have joined the killer roster in the asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight.



One of horror’s most twisted killers has arrived in Dead by Daylight – and he brought his own hooks.

Demon to some, angel to others, the new Killer is Pinhead: leader of an extra-dimensional group of beings known as the Cenobites. Devoted to exploring the furthest regions of experience through the limitless thrill of pleasure and pain, Pinhead uses hooks and chains to attack his victims, tearing their flesh, and souls, apart in the process. When the puzzle box, known as the Lament Configuration – a key to Pinhead’s dimension, was discovered and opened in The Entity’s Realm, he arrived, ready to bestow sweet suffering upon any who crossed his path.

The Hellraiser Chapter is available now in Dead by Daylight. Those who purchase the chapter will unlock The Pinhead as a playable character and the Lament Configuration charm. The Chatterer Cenobite cosmetic is available for purchase in the Dead by Daylight in-game store.

Learn more about the Hellraiser Chapter: