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Headoffice.Space – a metaverse for the workplace

Employees can gather in a virtual metaverse on Moon Valley, where they can hold remote meetings.

HeadOffice.Space is a metaverse for business providing a space for connection; virtual headquarters, collaborative community clubhouses, virtual events, concerts, summits, gamified gatherings and virtual classrooms.

This metaverse is built for remote teams ranging from individuals, startups, innovative global organizations and educational institutions. Participants are able to join or host events and secure their own private spaces on “Moon Valley” or for enterprise-level, larger organizations, secure a customised, branded planet.

The purpose of the project is to enable companies to embrace remote work in a way that builds a sense of belonging, fosters a culture of connection, community, creativity, and productivity while saving money on physical offices.

  • According to the 2021 State of Remote Work by Buffer, current challenges with remote work include communication / collaboration (17%), loneliness (19%) and staying motivated (12%). 
  • The Metaverse Market is anticipated to grow 509% from $46 billion in 2020 to $280 billion by 2025 (Strategy & Analytics Inc.).
  • 73% of teams will have remote workers by 2028 (Upwork).
  • Remote work would save businesses over $700 billion a year in real estate, electricity, absenteeism, and turnover and productivity (Global Workplace Analytics).

HeadOffice.Space provides limitless potential in the metaverse. Unlike other platforms, HeadOffice is a persistent 3D world with a continuous existence and evolution, built on the Unreal Engine, in a space-like setting on “Moon Valley.” Companies can scale from a single room or build an entire campus and host as many people as they like.

The platform is interoperable so people can join from PC, Mac, VR, mobile with accessibility to almost every web platform. Participants are astronaut avatars with the ability to create their own custom avatars through a partnership with Ready Player Me as a premium feature.

HeadOffice.Space ensures industry-leading privacy and security, so advanced, a publicly-traded cyber security company is transitioning their entire workforce to the HeadOffice.Space metaverse. With flexible plans, HeadOffice.Space provides affordable and accessible experiences to individuals, startups and innovative global brands.

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