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Midnight Ghost Hunt extends Halloween

Sale is part of the Steam ‘Scream: The Revenge’ event at 66% off for a limited time.

To celebrate this haunting time of year, Midnight Ghost Hunt, the ghostly 4v4 prop hunt game, is launching its tenth update!

This update will not only include an assortment of seasonally appropriate Halloween decorations, but also the return of seasonal hero props, Ectoplasm build-up changes, Midnight balance changes, and more.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is on sale as part of the Steam Scream: The Revenge event at 66% off for a limited time until 2 November, with the same discount price running on the Epic Games Store until 1 November.

  • Update 10 includes:
    • Halloween decorations: each map will have a Halloween-themed revamp with seasonal decorations, such as smashable pumpkins
    • The return of three spooky Halloween hero props:
      • Chomping pumpkin, to bite and chomp to ward off your enemies
      • Pumpkin jack-in-the-box: possess to fire some pumpkin innards at hunters
      • Witch doll: speed around the map and strike hunters with a broom
    • Ectoplasm build-up and Radar changes
      • More accurate Radar readings for detecting Ectoplasm build-up, including less confusion between Ghosts on different floors
      • Ghosts can no longer reduce Ectoplasm build up by moving in small circles
      • More visual clarification that higher Ectoplasm means Ghosts more easily detected by the Radar
      • Taunting will still lower Ectoplasm, but its now increased volume reveals location more easily
  • Midnight balance changes
    • This update will even out how midnight plays out for hunters when ghosts come back after most have been destroyed
      • Vacuumed ghosts return at midnight with less health
      • Ghosts can only heal after midnight by consuming hunter souls
      • Visual cue will show when ghosts have less health after midnight.
      • Hunters that destroyed most ghosts before midnight, but not all, will have a better fighting chance due to weakened Ghosts
  • HUD/ UI updates
    • Health bars will now be segmented
    • Health bar will now animate more clearly when damaged/healing
    • Enhanced visual cue when low on health
  • Midnight Ghost Hunt is a 4v4 multiplayer prop hunt game where the props fight back. Hunters track down and destroy Ghosts until the clock strikes midnight, when the witching hour begins and the Hunters become the hunted! Midnight Ghost Hunt launched into Steam Early Access in late March last year to universal acclaim, and has progressed since with a series of consistent content updates, as well as a successful launch on the Epic Games Store in June.
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