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Friday the 13th game slashes onto the PS4

On a perfect day for its launch, the Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle game is releasing today on the PS4, adding to the roster of Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

After launching on Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch last year, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle has attracted over 17 million players and almost 2-billion slain campers. Today, the horror-puzzle developers at Blue Wizard Digital have launched Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle on the PS4. 

Play as the iconic silver-screen slasher Jason Voorhees around isometric levels to ambush a variety of victims: attack them with collectible murder weapons like chainsaws and machetes, or frighten them into environmental hazards like campfires, bear traps, and vats of bubbling acid.

Delightfully gruesome “Kill Scenes” punctuate the puzzling as you progress through multiple episodes, from classic campgrounds to more exotic locations such as the streets of Manhattan, abandoned amusement parks, supermax prisons, beach resorts, outer space and even—through a time-travel twist—Victorian London.  

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is now available on the PS4 via the PlayStation Network, as well as other platforms like Steam for PC, the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, the Xbox Store, and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. 

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