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Feel the Flames
of Retribution 

The campaign to save humanity begins, and a new hero emerges in the biggest update yet of ‘Age of Darkness: Final Stand’.

The fight for humanity has begun with PlaySide Studios and Team17 releasing Flames of Retribution, the latest – and largest – update for the critically-acclaimed dark fantasy survival real-time strategy game, Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Flames of Retribution includes: Act I and Act II of Final Stand, the game’s highly-anticipated and long-awaited campaign mode; a new hero for The Order in Survival Mode, Merek; alongside new Survival Mode improvements. In Flames of Retribution, players will cast back The Veil to reveal secrets of the grim, dark world of Erodar across the prologue and seven engaging campaign missions, confronting monsters both human and Nightmare in the process. 

Additionally, PlaySide Studios and Team17 announced the follow-up content update, Exile’s Return will launch later this year. This upcoming content update will include the world-shattering conclusion of the campaign and addition of an aggressive Survival Mode hero.

The breakdown of his hard-hitting abilities includes:

  • Drinks on Me! (Level 1): Merek’s passive Skill is unlocked from Level 1. Drinks on Me! will activate once Merek takes enough damage, whereby he will then heal allies around him for 5% of his maximum HP. When Merek’s Ultimate, Holy Protector, is active, Drinks on Me! will also heal Merek.
  • Crushing Weight (Level 2): At Level 2, Merek leaps into action with his active Skill, Crushing Weight. This Skill gives Merek the ability to jump forward, slamming into the ground to damage and stun enemies within an Area of Effect radius. Merek also regains armour for each Nightmare slain, scaling per level. 
  • Halberd Hurricane (Level 4): Merek comes in like a destructive force at Level 4 with Halberd Hurricane! The Bolstering Might sweeps his Halberd in a 360-degree arc, damaging all units in the area. There is also a chance to proc Drinks on Me! when he kills an enemy using this skill. Halberd Hurricane can be used multiple times in quick succession and the amount of uses that can be stored increases as Merek levels up. The time it takes for each use to be stored also reduced with each level.
  • Holy Protector (Level 6): At Level 6, Merek gains the ability to buff and support his loyal comrades with Holy Protector. When this Skill is activated, Merek temporarily grants nearby allies Armour equal to his maximum and recovers it to that maximum if it has been damaged – this applies even to units that don’t ordinarily have Armour. While Merek’s Ultimate is active, Drink’s on Me! also restores health to Merek. Holy Protector also buffs Merek’s other skills by temporarily increasing the area of effect.

Currently in Steam Early Access, Age of Darkness: Final Stand features proprietary SwarmTech technology allowing over 70,000 enemies – the Nightmares – to be rendered on screen simultaneously, as they try to overcome player’s attempts to defend humanity’s last vestiges of hope. 

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is available in Early Access on Steam now 

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