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Epson launches tiny but mighty laser projector

Epson’s new laser projector makes projecting more portable, even in daylight conditions.

Epson’s first portable laser projector has been designed to be as flexible as possible for home users, in both usability and design. The EF-100W/B is Epson’s smallest laser projector, measuring just 23cm along its longest edge.  

The EF-100W/B makes Epson’s long-lasting laser projection technology available in a compact and lightweight chassis, in either a black or white casing.  

By using a laser light source and locating the vents and power inlet on the side, the EF-100W/B can be placed and project in any direction. This gives users more flexibility as to where they can project onto such as a wall, ceiling or floor. It also has the capability to project up to 3.8 metres, which is suitable for supersizing content.  

Epson says in daylight conditions, the laser light source delivers a bright and vibrant picture, so there’s no need to turn lights off and block windows. Skew and distorted images can be avoided by using the auto picture adjustment feature.  

Offering a long-term and maintenance-free solution, the laser light source lasts up to 20,000 hours. This provides great value for money as it allows the projector to be used every day for ten years. 

Complementing its portable design, the EF-100W/B offers a swift and simple set-up. Users can launch the Welcome Guide to learn how to set up the projector and discover its key features. Furthermore, the remote makes it easy to navigate the user-friendly interface. 

One can access content from a phone, tablet, DVD player, games console or laptop by inserting a cable into the HDMI port. Devices include Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV. 

Timothy Thomas, national sales manager at Epson South Africa, says: “This projector offers something different to our portfolio. As well as being stylish, it offers great functionality for home users with its compact size and long-lasting and high-quality laser light source. 

“In addition, we believe this projector has the potential to tap into the small business market appealing to sales people delivering presentations, professional photographers and designers showing their portfolio on location, and boutique business owners such as beauty salons looking for affordable and creative display solutions.” 

The EF-100W/B is available at selected stores, for a recommended retail price of R17 000. Purchase the EF-100W or EF-100B now through Takealot and receive a free Xbox One S 1TB, valued at R7 000 (while stocks last). 

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