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Dynabook releases new rugged laptop for education

The Dynabook Satellite Pro E10-S laptop is designed with strong hinges, spill resistance, and mechanically anchored keycaps for a more rugged build, which makes it suitable for students.

Dynabook this week announced the Satellite Pro E10-S, a new 11.6” device designed for learning and incorporates strengthened components to ensure durability.  

The laptop is built to withstand the tumbles and scrapes of school life. Rubber bumpers protect the device from knocks in school bags, while also adding more desk grip. The notebook’s frame is reinforced to withstand pressure and potential drops from a standard desk height (of 71cm). A strengthened charging port, stronger hinges, spill-resistance, and mechanically anchored keycaps have been rigorously tested to provide further durability. It can also open 180 degrees for screen sharing and to prevent hinge damage from over extension.  

It provides value for money, by meeting the requirements of Microsoft’s Shape the Future Program, which enables schools to get preferential pricing for qualifying Windows 10 devices.  

The components of the device have been carefully selected by Dynabook to extend its lifespan and provide long-term value for money. For example, an SSD offers more durability and longevity than its HDD counterpart, reducing the need for repair if the laptop is dropped or shaken while operating.  

“We have over 30 years of experience in the education sector. Over that time, and even more so in the face of school closures over the last year, we’ve seen technology become a vital enabler both in the classroom and at home,” says Damian Jaume, President, Dynabook Europe GmbH. “Every school or college may be unique but what remains constant is the need for reliable, easy-to-manage, sturdy and secure devices. The Satellite Pro E10-S has been carefully engineered with all of these factors in mind, so teachers and students alike know they can rely on it to support successful, uninterrupted learning.” 

It features an 11.6” HD LCD with an anti-glare matte coating, which makes it suitable for outdoor use in sunlight. Its spacious keyboard and large Precision Touch Pad make with Gesture support for notetaking, research, and content creation. 

With up to 10-hour battery life and weighing 1.15kg, it maximises on portability without the need for a charger. Dual-core Intel Celeron processors mean the device can be re-booted in seconds at the beginning of a lesson. Power, display and data can be accessed over the USB Type-C port, which is also featured in smartphone chargers and reduces the number of cables one needs to carry. It’s also equipped with two USB 3.0 Type-A and LAN ports, while a standard HDMI enables presentations in most classrooms with a projector.  

An HD camera, stereo speakers, and dual microphones with noise-cancellation, make this laptop suitable for remote and digital learning.  

The Satellite Pro E10-S will be available from Mustek Limited July 2021. For more information about the dynabook range please visit: 

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