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Learn heist techniques from a filthy criminal

‘Filthy animals’ have arrived on Steam in a multiplayer comedic action game, now open for testing.

The comedic, physics-based action co-op game Filthy Animals: Heist Simulator is now open for testing ahead of the launch later in the first quarter. 

To register, head over to the Steam page to sign-up and enter your details. Don’t forget to check out some advice on how to master your character’s special moves straight from the mouth of Tony, the fast-talking criminal mastermind of the Filthy Animals heist operation, in the community update here.

Filthy Animals: Heist Simulator is a chaotic multiplayer comedic heist action game for 1-4 players, spanning eight chapters and featuring 21 heist levels. The game incorporates players taking on the roles of mutant animals following the orders of Tony, the filthy animal bossman criminal mastermind. 

Players wreak havoc through a series of heists, starting with a convenience store, a bank robbery and then breaking into a super secret military base, with missions ranging all the way into outer space.. 

The game features:

  • 1- 4 player Online Co-op – It’s not safe to steal alone, so you can invite up to three friends and trash the place while you try to steal everything that isn’t locked down. Play online or local co-op.
  • Distinct and Challenging Heists – Success gets you bigger and tougher heists to work on. Begin with a store and progress to a bank.
  • Enemies and Hazards – Each chapter is loaded with enemies seeking to stop your stealing and environmental hazards that will blow your socks clean off. 
  • Abilities and Power-ups – Each mutant animal has its own skill that allows them to blast stuff, crush up stages, and level the playing field.
  • Weapons and Tools – There are several ways to complete each level in Filthy Animals, so investigate everything, collect tools and weapons, and take the path that works best for you and your team.

For more information, visit the Green Man Gaming Publishing website.

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