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Cricket 19 – Build your own team

Big Ant Studios has released the Cricket Academy for Cricket 19 – The Official Game of the Ashes on PC via
Steam. Cricket Academy allows for cross-platform sharing of all content, allowing users to create their players, teams and stadia, and have them available for use on all supported consoles on the day of release.

Click through to watch the trailer for the game.



Players can use Big Ant’s customisation tools to recreate themselves in the game, and those of their real-life team-mates. In other words, players are able to recreate their local cricket clubs as well as their club’s rivals.

Teams will be available for download through the scenario creator mode to allow players to recreate matches from the past.

“Before every cricket game that we produce, we give players the full suite of customisation tools early and before launch,” said Ross Symons, CEO of Big Ant Studios. “With the scenario creator in Cricket 19, you’ll be able to then relive your thrilling run chases and glorious victories from the comfort of your  living room.”

The Cricket Academy tool also allows players to produce their own logos – allowing them to bring their club’s local sponsors into the game. Through the stadium creator feature, players are able to recreate their local grounds and pitches, including lighting and stands on the 

Symons said: “We thought that this would be the way that players can enjoy the game their way, right down to their local club experience. We’re looking forward to seeing local and community teams put themselves into the game, so they can recreate their own classic matches and moments of glory.”

Cricket 19 is now available for Steam on PC, and later this month for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.