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CES: Watch how digital health is changing

Over the past few years, tech has enabled consumers to keep tabs on their health, and in some cases, pre-emptively detect health problems.



Technology empowers consumers to take control of their wellness, improves health care, and saves lives – all while lowering costs of medical bills and delivering better outcomes. This is why medical aids like Discovery encourage plans like Vitality – when their clients are healthy, they are far less likely to claim for diseases linked to being unfit. 

Pre-emptive solutions like Apple Watch’s a-fib (irregular heath rhythm) detection have saved lives by detecting heart attacks before they happen.

At CES 2020, heart rate detection has become old news, and the latest displays the new tools that aim to enhance the patient experience and transform the future of health care.

Keynote comments in the video feature:

  • Suzy Deering – Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Global Brand, eBay America
  • Michael Kassan – Chairman and CEO, MediaLink
  • Alan Jope – CEO, Unilever
  • Marc Benioff – Chairman and co-CEO, Salesforce