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CES: Touch gets a new feeling

At CES in Las Vegas this week, Multi-touch haptic technology developers Tanvas will showcase the latest advancements in surface haptic technology, demonstrating programmable textures and haptic effects for touchscreens, trackpads and physical surfaces.

TanvasTouch surface haptics are used for software, crisp edges, switches and rich textures ranging, from smooth to gritty, which can be felt with the swipe of one’s fingers.

“We’re thrilled to accelerate our surface haptic developments for the automotive industry as well as demonstrate new form factors that are applicable for a variety of applications,” says Phill LoPresti, CEO of Tanvas. “TanvasTouch is one of those technologies that must be experienced in person in order to appreciate how much it will transform the way we interact with the digital world. We are proud to showcase this game-changing technology in the Microchip Technology booth at CES 2020, alongside a broad range of human interface demos.” 

Since 2006, Tanvas has been developing a new branch of haptics that surpass the capabilities of traditional vibrotactile and electromechanical solutions. TanvasTouch is a fully integrated solution characterized by a solid-state actuator and a single controller. Textures and haptic effects can be harmonized across size, shape and surface, including large and curved displays. This makes TanvasTouch a versatile solution for automotive, consumer electronics, digital signage, home automation, medical, industrial and gaming applications.

Tanvas will be showcasing new developments and announcing strategic partnerships at CES and ShowStoppers, January 7-10, 2020 in Las Vegas. Attendees can experience TanvasTouch in the Microchip booth located in South Hall #26066.

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