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CES: Medical wand and translator named Last Gadget Standing

An all-in-one diagnostic device and an over-the-ear translation tool won the audience award in one of its closest voting polls yet

The Ambassador translation device and the Medwand hand-held diagnostic tool were named joint winners of the Last Gadget Standing contest at CES in Las Vegas last week. 

It is the first time in the event’s history that two products have been named winners. It was the 20th annual edition of Last Gadget Standing, an audience-based award show produced by Living in Digital Times (LIDT) in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

“This was one of the closest voting polls we have seen in the past 20 years – it was quite exhilarating, and we are thrilled to have two winners for this year,” said Robin Raskin, Living in Digital Times founder and president. “Regardless of who won, everyone on stage today was a winner. Each finalist promises to improve our lives in so many ways and they certainly impressed everyone in the room.”

Ambassador Interpreter wowed the audience with its high quality translation tool for professionals and travellers. It has an over-the-ear design that makes it as hygienic and versatile, as it is shareable, with seamless pairing, simple sharing and adaptable settings for natural and professional-grade live translations, across the globe.

Las Vegas physician Dr Samir Qamar won the audience over with his MedWand – a handheld medical diagnostic device. MedWand contains a powerful camera system, pulse oximeter, IR thermometer, stethoscope and ECG, all in a single 114 gram enclosure. In addition to the real time remote exams, it can be used by home health care, EMS, hospice and palliative care workers, as well as in assisted living home monitoring environments.

The online People’s Choice award winners for Last Gadget Standing were WowCube, ClearUP & ThermArt.

  • WowCube is a Rubik’s cube inspired electronic platform for gaming and much more
  • ClearUP is an electronic wand for sinus pain relief
  • ThermArt is smartphone enabled ear and forehead thermometer

Hundreds of applications in the cutting edge categories of IoT devices, AI-powered devices, AR/VR, and self-driving kits, among other, submitted entries for a chance to be one of the ten finalists for CES 2020 Last Gadget Standing. The top ten finalists each had 4-minutes to present their gadgets on stage to a live audience.

The finalists were;:

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