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CES: End of cash?



The future of money is now – and it’s digital. That, at least, will be the message from CES in Las Vegas next week.

“While you might not carry a wad of cash in your pocket any longer what’s replacing it is open for debate,” according to an announcement of the Digital Money Forum taking place during CES. “For some it’s a credit card, others a mobile payment device, others a subscription service like Uber where payments happen effortlessly. For others, the new ‘cash’ is a bunch of digital codes that represent something of value.”

The Forum is intended to give CES attendees an understanding of which path is best for them from both a personal and business point of view. From fintech companies to crypto and blockchain, Digital Money Forum promises a deep dive into the rapidly evolving developments in financial transactions.

Digital Money Forum is a day-long conference and 4-day exhibit marketplace hosted at CES Las Vegas from January 7 to 10. It will bring investors, analysts, banks and financial institutions, new fintech products, creators of alternative digital assets,  business owners, tech developers, and pioneers of cryptocurrencies together in one room to explore the ways in which digital money is affecting the future of the economy. 

“This year’s overarching theme for the Digital Money Forum is the decentralisation of finance,” says Robin Raskin, founder of Living in Digital Times and producer of Digital Money Forum. “Whether you’ve been wondering why tech companies like Google, Apple and Uber are entering the world of banking, dabbling in Bitcoin or enamoured with Libra, you know that the centre of power is shifting quickly. The arms race to move to new forms of transactions is on and the implications for both businesses and personal wealth is major.”

The role of digitalisation in banking is creating an opportunity for major growth in the industry with lower fees, higher interest rate offers, and better customer service. Nikhil Lele, Principal at EY Financial Services, will explore the transformation of today’s banking services into what will become the bank of the future. Companies like Gemini, Galaxy, and IBM will chart out their paths to compliant, new-age exchanges and crypto-based services.  Steven Becker, President and COO at MakerDAO, along with a panel of industry experts from Protocol Labs,, and Grit Daily, will discuss blockchain’s technical hurdles and the ways it can ultimately improve.  

Larry King, the internationally recognised media personality, Christa Steele, and Stahn Bharti of GEAR Capital will dive into the potential of ecosystem-changing blockchain applications in areas like energy and agriculture outside of the world of finance. Regulation experts including Nevada Congressional Candidate Lisa Sutton, Jason Brett of Value Technology, and Combiz Abdolrahimi of Deloitte, will offer a lens into the complexities of regulation.  Coindesk’s Michael J. Casey will offer provocative commentary on how to manage the digital transformation.

* For more information and the full 2020 Agenda for Digital Money Forum, visit .