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CES 2022: Vinyl is back, again

Analog music keeps surprising the market with the strength of demand, not to mention innovation, as Crosley Radio showed this week

Vinyl is back, and Crosley Radio says it is giving serious audiophiles and rookie listeners alike new ways to experience “the glory of analogue music”. During CES 2022 this week, Crosley unveiled the latest additions to its sleek T160 and T170 Shelf Systems, which include top-of-the-line turntables and speakers, as well as the innovative Cadence Cube Speaker.

“The Vinyl Revolution has spurred a new generation of serious record lovers looking for high-quality yet stylish sound systems that won’t compromise on sound,” says Keith Starr, president of Crosley Brands. “Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in developing high-fidelity systems that are an extension of our consumers’ personality and lifestyle, our new offerings are certain to meet listeners where they are on their music journey.”

The newest additions to Crosley’s line of high-end turntables, the T160 and T170 Shelf Systems ($189.95 MSRP) deliver the elevated listening experience and sound integrity that long-term hobbyists expect and appreciate in a turntable. As part of Crosley’s T Series, the shelf systems combine tech and sophistication, featuring an aluminium tonearm with a pre-mounted moving magnet cartridge and an updated needle to produce a warm, rich sound out of the matching stereo speakers. Listeners can also pair their device with the built-in Bluetooth receiver and listen to music before it’s even out on vinyl. With a retro-inspired design, these turntables are a perfect finishing touch to living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, and more. The T160 and T160 Shelf Systems will launch to consumers in the first half of 2022.

The Cadence Cube Speaker ($89.95) boasts a modular design for seamless integration into cube storage systems, like the Crosley Jacobsen Record Storage Cube Bookcase or most cube storage from major retailers. While the Cadence blends in with its surroundings, its 40W output can’t be missed. The visual design lends itself to Crosley’s iconic style while delivering the Bluetooth connectivity and top-tier sound of a modern-day speaker. The Cadence Cube Speaker is available for purchase now on the Crosley Radio website.

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