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CES 2022: Glasses-free 3D tech comes to tablet

IQH3D’s glasses-free 3D tablets and smartphones will be on display at CES 2022 this week.

IQH3D will be premiering its glasses-free 3D products at CES Las Vegas 2022 in booth #19274. IQH3D has pioneered a new generation of 3D devices through research and development of Glasses-Free 3D products and advanced software applications that will be on display. Experience the highest quality 3D optics ever produced on a consumer device with the featured product SKYY 10.8″ Streaming 3D tablet. All IQH3D’s devices can be used for viewing 3D content and extraordinary NFT Stereoscopic Digital Art.

“Visit our booth and prepare to be amazed by the latest 3D technology,” says IQH3D’s CEO, Loyal Haylett. “IQH3D has been performing very well in recent years and continuously attracts serious interests from individual consumers as well as top companies across multiple sectors, from advertising, retailing, distribution, consumer electronics suppliers, 3D content developers, NFT art proprietors, gaming, and entertainment, just to name a few.”

New products from IQH3D premiering at CES 2022:

  • SKYY 10.8 Glasses-Free 3D Streaming Android Tablet
  • SEAA Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone with the first-ever Artificial Intelligence Enabled 3D Camera
  • IQH3D – Screens and Monitors – 28″-100″ Glasses-Free 3D Multi-Viewer Screens
  • IQH3D CMS, Media Player & 2D – 3D Conversion Software Applications
  • The 65″ Ultra D Monitor will also be on display at CES 2022.

“If you are an electronics retailer or distributor, you will not want to miss this opportunity to ride the new wave in digital viewing technology,” says David Ross, COO of IQH3D.

Visit to learn more about IQH3D’s line of products.

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