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CES 2021: Typewise smartphone keyboard app

The app aims to improve the speed of typing with new auto-correct technology and unique keyboard layout.



Typewise has launched its next-generation smartphone keyboard app at this year’s ongoing virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Typewise 3.0 has new auto-correction technology, which has been developed with the aim to further speed up smartphone typing. The app has support from the Swiss Agency for Innovation.

Typewise’s keyboard concept is powered by a patented ‘honeycomb’ style keyboard layout the company designed specifically for smartphones to increase efficiency the user experiences. According to Typewise, the app reduces typos by 80% and results in 33% faster typing speeds.

The keyboard can automatically recognise the language the user is currently typing in and switch to that language, preventing any incorrect words from entering the user’s work, without having to change the language in the settings. According to Typewise, the recognition software is sensitive enough to identify when users type in a dialect or use colloquialisms, and is currently available in 40+ languages. However, some of these features are behind a paywall of either monthly, yearly, or a one-off payment.

The recognition technology has been developed with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that are capable of running offline, which should better protect user privacy. The Typewise app cannot access any user data, which is a different trend from the existing market.

The current version 2.6 Typewise app is available on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.