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CES 2021: Day 1 keynotes highlight future of TV

By ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK, editor-in-chief of Gadget.



The CES 2021 highlights from Monday’s opening day start with Hisense CEO Fisher Yu declaring that we have all become “People of the Screen”. But he also introduces 3D holographic display, which may well do away with screens altogether.

The accuracy of his vision is easily tested via the rest of the highlights. 

Bryan Kwon, CEO of LG Electronics, links more convenience and entertainment with more safety. Its new TV lineup ramps up the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning. 

TCL introduces the slogan, “Display greatness”, as it claims a place alongside the TV giants. 

Bosch introduces an AI code of ethics, and talks the tech of carbon neutrality – with a strong visual focus. 

TCL, Bosch and Panasonic talk up AIoT, the marriage of AI and IoT, which presages smarts being built into every device. 

Samsung builds technology around you, from smart fridges to 3D sensors.

Canon highlights new imaging and smart technology, as does Mercedes-Benz with the new version of its Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) software.

In effect, with CES going virtual, every exhibitor has had to become an innovator in display technology. 

“People of the Screen,” then, becomes the perfect slogan for consumer technology in the pandemic era.

  • Please note that parts of this highlight reel are silent, so you’ll have to imagine the breathless hype behind the visuals. Follow Gadget’s CES coverage for more detail on all the above presentations.

Click below for the full lineup of media events from CES day 1, including Mobileye, Philips and Skyworth.

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