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CES 2021: Bowl Automotive smart starter kit

Epicnpoc will be releasing its Bowl starter at CES 2021 that aims to make vehicle product design and manufacture easier.



Epicnpoc is set to release the Bowl smart starter kit, which aims to aid in creating smart vehicles, at its first presentation at CES 2021 next week. The launch will be in collaboration with Business France North America and La French Tech.

The bowl smart starter kit aims to help new designers and manufacturers create smart in-vehicle products faster, without neglecting the user experience. The starter kit is comprised of hardware, software and tools created by Epicnpoc and, provides a space in which multiple partners can work together in designing, developing, validating, and testing new in-vehicle items.

Three types of hardware mimicking an actual car interior will be available when acquiring the kit — an instrument panel, an instrument panel with 2 seats or, a full mock-up featuring an instrument panel and 4 seats. The software provided will be the company’s Experience Studio, which will require no coding and is connected to the hardware selected. The Bowl Automotive Experience Kit is the tool that aims to help in creating: multi-user life in the vehicle, new mobility options, multimodal interaction systems and safety and advanced driver-assistance systems according to Epicnpoc.

The ability to collaborate using the starter kit also allows prototypes to be shared and, feedback to be received from other stakeholders of projects more efficiently according to Epicnpoc. Additionally, when projects are completed, assets can be shared to the stakeholders who can begin implementing the project for the market or reuse the assets in different projects.

The starter kit will be on display at the CES 2021 virtual booth from 11 January.