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Car wash comes to Gas Station Simulator

A free update to Gas Station Simulator adds car wash stations, which expands upon the base game’s activities.

Movie Games and Drago Entertainment have released the free Car Wash Update for Gas Station Simulator. The game has topped Steam best selling charts upon release and currently is in the 6th position in the global bestsellers.

Gas Station Simulator is a game about renovating, expanding, and running a gas station along a highway in the middle of an American desert. The players will clean, fix, paint, decorate, repair or buy new equipment, and start serving their customers, confronting different personas with varied expectations.

The game offers wide customisation options as well as plenty of additional activities and minigames. One of its strongest features is emergent gameplay, stemming from high interactivity combined with a variety of random encounters.

Car Wash Update

The biggest addition introduced by the update is the possibility to add a car wash to the player’s gas station. It’s an upgradeable place that starts as an ordinary, manually operated facility, and goes through 5 levels of improvements to eventually become an advanced, automated car wash.

One of the challenges of running the car wash is balancing its use. The water pump has two modes: a narrow range with high pressure and a wide range with low pressure. The more often the player uses the water pump, the faster it jams, which requires the water filters to be cleaned.

Hit among the gamers

Upon its release on 15 September 2021, Gas Station Simulator topped the Steam best-selling charts, performing better than Deathloop. In less than two weeks, this PC exclusive sold 200,000 units. Today, the game boasts a large and engaged community and is one of the biggest hits in Movie Games’ portfolio.

The update for Gas Station Simulator is out now on Steam and

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