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Canon launches two new RF lenses

Canon’s new RF 800mm F5.6L IS USM and RF 1200mm F8L IS USM unlock new possibilities for professional photographers capturing distant subjects.

Canon Europe has launched two new super-telephoto lenses, the RF 800mm F5.6L IS USM and the RF 1200mm F8L IS USM. With 800mm and 1200mm focal lengths – the world’s longest AF focal length lens for mirrorless cameras – these lenses have an intelligent design, achieving strong optical performance and portability. 

Featuring an Optical Image Stabiliser and wide apertures, these premium L-series RF lenses support a diverse range of photographers, from sport and wildlife – giving them a kit that captures the action from far away.

The two new lenses expand the capabilities of the RF lens range, by adding 800mm and 1200mm telephoto capabilities – the longest focal length on the market that isn’t a telescope. 

On top of their far reach, photographers can increase the focal length up to double when coupling the lenses with the RF 1.4 x or RF 2 x extenders, with AF shooting and IS function. The RF 1200mm F8L IS USM gives photographers the ability to capture greater detail of subjects over 400 metres away.

The newly-designed optical system enables Canon to achieve these longer focal lengths in a design that is smaller and lighter weight than traditional super-telephoto lenses of this type. Significantly reduced in size from their EF counterparts, the RF 800mm F5.6L IS USM is Canon’s lightest and shortest 800mm L-series lens to date, weighing just over 3.1kg, while the RF 1200mm F8L IS USM is the smallest lens of its size ever released – at 3.34kg it is 1/5th of the weight and more than 13kgs lighter and 30cm smaller than its legendary predecessor the EF 1200mm f/5.6L USM.

The RF 800mm F5.6L IS USM and RF 1200mm F8L IS USM are built to withstand a range of challenging shooting scenarios, from high temperatures to wet or dusty environments. A dust- and drip-proof structure is used for mounting, switch and focus rings to prevent dirt or water from getting into the lens. To prevent oil, water or dust from sticking to the front of the lens, the front element is applied with a fluorine coating. Enabling photographers to shoot for long periods of time, even in hot climates, the RF 800mm F5.6L IS USM and RF 1200mm F8L IS USM also feature a highly reflective infrared heat shield coating. This white coating offers excellent UV weather resistance and helps reduce the temperature of the lens body to maintain optical quality.

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