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CES: World’s largest field-of-view OLED display

Brelyon Fusion has launched a product at CES that it says will allow users to explore the metaverse with ease.

An OLED display with the biggest field of vision in the world ison exhibit at the CES 2023 tech expo in Las Vegas. Called Brelyon Fusion, it is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spin-off that has pioneered a category of ultra-immersive display technologies to provide better access to the metaverse.

Brelyon Fusion is claimed to be the world’s first 8K desktop virtual display and features the latest computational and light field expansion innovations with surround video conferencing using synthetic aperture technology and spatial audio — all without the need to wear a headset.

“Brelyon Fusion allows the blending of light to scale field-of-view in a new way that achieves multiples of resolution,” says Barmak Heshmat, CEO and founder of Brelyon. 

“This kind of new lightfield expansion innovation really allows us to think of light as pieces of Lego blocks that can computationally be built to create a more immersive screen.”

The concept experience builds on the company’s patented Lightfield technologies, Brelyon’s ultra-reality, which uses precise wavefront engineering to create a massive field of view with true optical depth layers. Already in use by partners worldwide, its products enable new types of immersive applications, like gaming, simulation, and virtual offices, meeting rooms, events, and collaboration spaces.

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