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Acoustic guitars take you on a production journey

Gibson TV debuts a behind-the-scenes look at the physical process of guitar-making.

Iconic American instrument brand Gibson has premiered the second season of its online documentary series, The Process, which explores the making of Gibson guitars.

Shot on location in Bozeman, Montana, Season 2 of The Process is a 14-episode series, directed by Todd Harapiak (Content and Gibson TV, Director) and Mark Agnesi (director of Brand Experience, Gibson Brands), The Tv features interviews with artisans who handcraft Gibson acoustic instruments, uncovering how and why these makers create the world’s most-loved guitars.

“The Gibson TV team has been working on this project for over a year to capture this intricate process in detail,” says Cesar Gueikian, Gibson Brands president. “During Season 2, we’ll be highlighting features that make a Gibson acoustic guitar unique, such as the Gibson dovetail neck-to-body joint (with no bolts) which makes the body and the neck of the guitar become one, allowing the vibration to travel freely from the headstock, into the strings, through the neck and straight into the body. 

“We continue to use hide glue which absorbs into the wood cells and becomes part of the wood making the neck of the guitar a tuning fork. Viewers will learn that the Gibson ‘flat tops’ aren’t really flat and that there is a reason for that! And many other exceptional features that make Gibson guitars stand out.”

Since Orville Gibson started making instruments in the late 1800s, Gibson acoustic guitars have been played by the most talented and influential music artists since the beginning of recorded music, and they continue to shape the sound of music. 

Gibson acoustic guitars deliver a clear, rich sound from carefully chosen tonewoods crafted to improve with age, with the Gibson dovetail neck joint, hide glue, domed tops, nitro-cellulose lacquer a more organic, breathable lacquer that requires a long process of application, and multiple layers that create a unique instrument that will age gracefully over time.

Gibson has doubled the size of its world-renowned acoustic guitar facility. With more manufacturing space, expanded Gibson Acoustic Custom Shop capabilities, and an artist showroom, the modernised facility enables Gibson to increase production of its world-renowned acoustic guitar models (J-45, Hummingbird, Dove, SJ-200) and expand innovative offerings such as the new Gibson Generation Collection.

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