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Bloodlines – Now showing on Acorn TV

The true crime film, Bloodlines, is about a South African-born doctor who thought he murdered his wife in an undetectable manner.

In 1999, South African emigrant psychiatrist Colin Bouwer murdered his wife in what he thought was an undetectable manner. He was not counting on the skills and tenacity of New Zealand police and his colleagues in the medical profession. 

Bloodlines is based on the true story of Colin Bouwer, a South African-born doctor who rose to become Head of Psychiatry at the University of Otago in New Zealand.  

Bloodlines is available to stream now on Acorn TV. 

Acorn TV is a video streaming service that hosts only British TV shows and movies. For those who have cut the satellite cord and miss BBC shows, this is the go-to streaming service.  

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