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Gamers can expect these big shifts in 2019

VR and haptics are among the 6 trends expected in gaming this year, writes Sean Nicol, product specialist at Syntech.



Intelligent Haptics: Haptics generally constitutes any form of interaction involving touch. Haptic technology in gaming recreates the sense of touch or feel in a game by applying force or vibration feedback to the user in the real world. This has been a staple in controllers for some years now, where simple vibrations are applied to the user during in-game events.

Intelligent haptics is moving into new frontiers, featuring advanced signal processing through state-of-the-art haptic drivers to more accurately mimic in-game events in real time. This means headsets and gamepads will be better able to react to in-game audio or events and transform them into rich, lifelike effects in the real world.

Gaming Laptops: As the price of gaming laptops becomes more accessible, you’ll see this continuing to be an option on the gaming market. There are, however, drawbacks to using portable hardware, such as issues with battery life and heating and not getting the same kind of processing power as on a PC. Gaming laptops aren’t quite the same bang for your buck as PCs, but it’s getting close.

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