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Gamers can expect these big shifts in 2019

VR and haptics are among the 6 trends expected in gaming this year, writes Sean Nicol, product specialist at Syntech.



Loot Boxes: This has been a hot topic after Battlefront 2 put paywalls in front of the characters they showcased. You were either expected to grind hundreds of hours of game time to unlock a character, such as Darth Vader, or pay a sizeable amount of money – not to get the character, but to get a chance of getting them in a loot box.

This has far reaching implications, as some European countries look to implement legislation against this. For games targeting a market under 21 years old, such as Disney’s Star Wars, these regulations could be a hurdle. As South African trends tend to follow European ones, we can expect to see this either reach our shores, or be addressed entirely before we even receive the product.

Single Player Gaming: Several recent releases have shown a strong market for single player games. Red Dead Redemption 2 took pretty much every award that could have been given, while Sony releasing Spiderman Game and God of War – all proving a point that single player gaming is here to stay.

However, this doesn’t mean the demise of social gaming. Esports making its presence known at a Comic Con event proves a very solid point – that gaming isn’t just for gamers anymore, there is an entire following now that caters to gaming and gaming IPs. The number of YouTubers/ streamers that are out there now making videos of playthroughs means that there are more people watching others play instead of playing themselves. Either way, the market is growing massively on both fronts, both in single and multiplayer platforms.

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