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Decide your own destiny on a lifetime spaceship voyage

Discover personal independence and the challenges of accepting responsibilities while in ‘Between Horizons’, now on Steam.

Between Horizons is the story of a massive spaceship carrying advocates for mankind on a mission to find an oasis away from a tormented and destroyed Earth. But what about the people born on the ship who never asked to be part of the mission and won’t live to see the end of the 130-year journey? 

The developers of the sci-fi detective adventure say that its semi-open world and branching narratives allow players to determine their own destiny upon the ship, and think about every action and consequent reaction. Underneath the game’s compelling and plausible sci-fi plot lies a number of thought-provoking problems inviting players to weigh intergenerational responsibility against personal freedom.

The game Features: 

  • Getting New Perspective: Timeless pixel art mixed with 3D environments and compelling visual effects come together, creating a unique, beautiful art style.
  • A New Kind of Experience: Merges investigative-style gameplay with a branching sci-fi story in an ever-expanding, gritty Metroidvania-style environment.
  • Failure is Very Much an Option: There are no second chances — submitting wrong solutions means the story will go on and players live with the consequences. An improved auto-save system will make sure there is no going back, as the story branches and endings are based on player decisions. 

Published by Assemble Entertainment and developed by DigiTales Interactive, Between Horizons is coming to PC via Steam.

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