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AWS releases podcast on Explore Data Science Academy

Amazon Web Services has released a podcast on its Explore Data Academy, which offers students a one-year training course of software development and cloud computing.

The Explore Data Science Academy (EDSA) is a premier data science academy in South Africa that offers students an intensive one-year training course and provides a fundamental understanding of software development and cloud computing technologies.

The Academy teaches data science at scale and has branched out to data engineering, data analytics, data intelligence, business intelligence and deep learnings, including the use of the latest tools in technology around data science and AI.

With campuses in South Africa and Africa, the Explore Data Science Academy has adopted a hybrid model of teaching, offering classes both on-campus and online.

The scarcity of skills in data science in Africa and abroad, was a key driver in the inception of the academy. Africa has limited opportunities for people who are willing to learn and explore new things especially when it comes to technology.

Clive Charlton, head of solution architecture at AWS says “Africa has smart young people who are hungry and willing to learn, Explore Data Science academy was established specifically for them.”

Explore Data Science Academy offers bursaries, scholarships and stipends to students. These stipends make a huge difference, as they enable students to cover their accommodation and travelling costs.

In this episode, Simon speaks to Clive Charlton, Head of Solution Architecture at AWS and Shaun Dippnall, CEO  & Co-founder of EDSA about how the academy gives students a competitive edge, through skills development in emerging data science technologies.

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