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Sapphire 2024: AI finds a home – the bathroom!

Roca Group, a bathroom fixtures and design company, together with SAP technology, is saving water and optimising customer reach, writes JASON BANNIER.

Art, artificial intelligence, and bathrooms are the unsuspecting trio that make up a key aspect of the smart selection at the Roca Gallery in Barcelona. Their bathroom products, like showers and toilets, feature an unexpected technology within their beautiful designs.

The Roca Group has selected SAP’s S/4HANA and the RISE with SAP solution as it embarks on its next phase of digital transformation, as announced at Sapphire 2024 in Barcelona. The software giant’s RISE option is a managed cloud service that helps organisations using on-premise enterprise resource planning software migrate to the cloud securely and smoothly.

“We are implementing different solutions to fight water wastage”, a gallery media briefing was told. “A router controls every single product that gives an action. For example, we have connected faucets and urinals to the cloud. This allows us to connect and control the systems in any space.”

By leveraging SAP’s AI-powered technology, Roca has enhanced its efficiency and empowered itself to make informed, real-time, data-driven business decisions. For example, Roca strategically places collections near frequently visited bathrooms, as identified by the system, thereby increasing exposure.

Albert Magrans, CEO of Roca Group, says: “Roca Group’s strategy is based on a long-term future vision supported by innovation, technology and sustainability. Moving to SAP S/4HANA enables Roca to leverage the last technology and innovations of SAP software to boost our digital transformation.

“We are looking forward to faster execution speed, the enhancement of functionality with the Joule copilot, real-time analytics and further innovations from SAP and its ecosystem.”

Manos Raptopoulos, VP of SAP EMEA, says: “Roca Group and SAP have collaborated closely for a number of years, with Roca trusting SAP with multiple SAP implementations.

“Roca’s IT strategy is fully aligned with its business transformation with SAP solutions as an integral part of this strategy. Our close partnership allows our teams to have real-time insight into their business transformation, allowing for seamless integration of SAP solutions as they embark on their SAP S/4HANA Cloud journey.”

Roca’s Avant toilet consumes two litres of water, thirteen litres less than from when the company established in 1936, and four litres less than today’s average.

Africa has long faced water challenges, and climate change in the 21st century has exacerbated global water crises. A World Wildlife Foundation analysis in November 2023 estimated that by 2050, 17% of Europe’s population and 13% of its gross domestic product could be at high to extreme risk of water scarcity. Addressing this issue, the Roca initiative We Are Water Foundation is actively working to solve problems related to the lack of water and sanitation worldwide.

* Visit the Roca website here.

* Jason Bannier is a data analyst at World Wide Worx and writer for Follow him on Twitter and Threads at @jas2bann.

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