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A Little Wordy tabletop game out now

The creators of Exploding Kittens have released a new word unscrambling tabletop game.



Exploding Kittens, the hit tabletop game creator, has announced the launch of its new game, A Little Wordy: a sneaky, tile-unscrambling word game for would-be word wizards. The game is a thoughtful, strategic, highly-replayable game that’s not about having the mightiest vocabulary, but about making clever choices. A Little Wordy can be enjoyed by players of all ages in either a two person or two team game.

“You either love word games or you hate them, and I’ve always loved them,” says Matthew Inman, co-creator of Exploding Kittens and creator of The Oatmeal. “A Little Wordy combines the best of Scrabble and Clue into a portable game that only takes a few minutes to set up and get going. We also wanted to make word games more accessible for different vocabulary levels and not just encyclopedists.”

To play, each person assembles a word from a set of tiles and keeps that secret word to themselves. Players then take turns trying to decipher their opponent’s secret word by paying for clues and hints using Berry Tokens. For every word guessed correctly, the player will earn Berry Tokens and the player with the most tokens wins.

A Little Wordy levels the playing field against veteran word wizards since using smaller, more common words may be better than using longer, more difficult words because the opponent may overthink things and blaze right past it. Trying to also figure out the opponent’s secret word can be both hilarious and delightfully maddening.

A Little Wordy is available exclusively at for $14.99. For more information on how to play, visit this link.