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No-latency wireless HDMI made a reality by Nyrius

Leader in wireless video transmission technology, Nyrius, has released a wireless HDMI device that transmits 1080p 3D video from up to 30 meters away. Its latest wireless device, the Aries Pro (NPCS600) claims to transmit video that is suitable for gaming with zero latency.

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The Nyrius Aries Pro comes with two parts: a transmitter and receiver box. The wall-mountable receiver box plugs into the TV’s HDMI port and enables the wireless functionality. The transmitter can then be plugged into any HDMI device, like a laptop, gaming console, or TV decoder. 

This offering eliminates fiddling with cables and keeping devices close to the receiving unit. Its applications are not limited to TV; it can be plugged into projectors that support HDMI, eliminating the possibility that cables may be too short or easy to trip over during presentations.

Gaming is Nyrius’s selling point with this transmitter, as it is one of the only devices on the market that wirelessly transmits Full HD video with zero latency or lag.