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Warriors: Rise to Glory Multiplayer — On Steam

The online combat multiplayer game will be available on Steam for PC starting from 28 January.



Independent developer Gavra Games has announced its new turn-based gladiator combat game, Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer, will be available on Steam for free for a limited time beginning on 28 January.

Players enter the arena and step up to be the ultimate gladiator as they honour the legacy of their ancestors in a world where blood and guts decide their fate. Players can decapitate enemies (or online friends), inflict a death touch, or crush skulls as they rise to glory. However, the player could be the one begging for their life or riches as an enemy towers above them with a shiv.

In the game, players receive hype from the crowd, who throw bananas or toilets at foes from the stands. Players earn XP and coins as they defeat other players and their warrior spawn and use the riches to acquire killer armour and weaponry. Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer goes beyond farting, stabbing, memes, slicing, and fighting. Players discover that positioning, calculated risk, and the knowledge of surroundings are what line the path to victory.

Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer gameplay features include:

  • High Stakes, Over-the-top Brutal Combat: Crush other players’ skulls with a mighty axe, pierce their armour with a deadly arrow or kick them onto deadly traps all in the name of glory. Raise the stakes and bet wisely to win great rewards – but if the player fails, they could lose their life, glory and gear.
  • Settle Beef: Play online with and against friends to prove once and for all which lineage’s brood really is peak of the pack.
  • Form Powerful Alliances: Keep enemies close and allies closer. Pick trustworthy and strong allies to execute a winning strategy in battle, but trust no one — alliances are fragile.
  • Level Up: Gain experience and level up warriors with better weapons, armor, stats, and skills to pass down for generations to come.
  • Battle Their Way: Players can prove their strength in a 1 v 1 battle, team up in a 2 v 2 battle, or take on the world in “Free for All” combat.
  • Not Entertained?: Players can boost a warrior’s lineage, hype up the crowd and rally them to their advantage or line their pockets by betting on a game of chance at the local tavern.
  • Rogue-like Gameplay: in Warriors: Rise to Glory Multiplayer Once a warrior is dead, they are dead, however, the house they built will remain solid and upright for future generation.
  • Player is Judge, Jury, and Executioner: As the all-powerful and superior warrior in a deathmatch, the player decides the fate of their fallen foe — to kill or to humiliate? Each decision has its own reward.
  • No Two Lineages Alike: The creation tools can be used to make the warriors of their lineage as fearsome or goofy as they want. The player can prove that it is not just about being the best, it’s also about being the best looking.

Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer is coming to Steam on 28 January and will be free for a limited time.