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Volvo driving simulator uses mixed reality

Volvo is using 3D development platform Unity to create a new mixed reality driving experience.

Volvo Cars engineers call it “the ultimate driving simulator”, but it is not just an excuse for them to indulge their inner basement gamer.

Instead, the Swedish company’s mixed-reality simulator is used to make new strides in safety and autonomous driving technology. Using cutting-edge technology from the leading real-time 3D development platform Unity and Finnish virtual and mixed reality experts Varjo, the simulator involves driving a real car on real roads.

It combines life-like, high definition 3D graphics, an augmented reality headset, and a full-body Teslasuit that provides haptic feedback from a virtual world, while also monitoring bodily reactions. This combination of software and hardware allows Volvo Cars engineers to endlessly simulate traffic scenarios on a real test track road while using a real car, all in total safety.

Engineers can gain important insights into the interaction between people and the car for the development of new safety, driver assistance and autonomous driving features.

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