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Unity launches Mars AR studio

Unity Mars helps fulfil the promise of Augmented Reality (AR), enabling creators to build digital content that integrates with and responds to the real world.

Unity Technologies, a leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, has launched Unity Mars: a mixed and augmented reality (AR) authoring studio that gives creators the power to build intelligent AR content. Experiences created with Unity Mars are fully responsive to surrounding physical space, work in several locations, and with any kind of surrounding data. This enables creators to deliver AR experiences that live up to the user’s expectations: digital content that seems to live in and react to the real world.

“We’ve identified three of the biggest challenges AR creators face, and we solved them with Unity Mars,” says Timoni West, Director of Product, XR Tools, Unity Technologies. “Creators can author complex, data-oriented apps visually, test their experiences without leaving the Mars authoring environment, and deliver apps that are contextually aware, flexible, and truly interact with the real world.”

Unity Mars adds sensors and environment data into the creative workflow and enables creators to deliver apps with runtime logic to adapt responsively to real-world conditions.

To help creators quickly begin building without starting from scratch, Unity Mars also includes Starter Templates. These pre-designed building blocks cover popular AR use cases, including a training tutorial application that works with the indoor and outdoor environment templates, with more available soon. Creators interested in diving in and creating the next generation of AR experiences can make use of a free 45-day trial.

Whether it be designing a car, reviewing a building design, or adding AR as a feature to a mobile game, Unity Mars has the tools and workflows to expand one’s vision in a mixed and augmented reality.

Unity has powered many AR and virtual reality (VR) experiences on the market today including applications for The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Nissan, Lego, and Wayfair. For more information, visit the Unity Mars product page.

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