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Uber goes Lite to save data



Uber has announced the launch of Uber Lite, which it describes as “the new, lighter way to Uber”.

The new interface is designed to make booking rides quicker and lighter in low connectivity, on basic Android phones, and for people with limited data plans.

“Every day, hundreds of thousands of South Africans rely on Uber for mobility and work, and we understand that a one-size-fits-all app doesn’t work for the diversity of network conditions, devices, and rider needs across the country,” says Alon Lits, General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa. 

“After extensive research with our riders, it was obvious we couldn’t just make a smaller copy of Uber. We needed to reimagine the experience for South Africa and key markets around the world. The result is Uber Lite. A completely redesigned app that is light, simple, and works on any Android device and on any network.”

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