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Toshiba starts shipping smallest bluetooth

Toshiba has started shipping the world’s smallest Bluetooth module, which promises to bring wireless connectivity to new categories.

The module features are as follows:

Transmission power Variable from +4 dBm to -20
Reception sensitivity -96 dBm (1 Mbps)
-104 dBm (125 kbps)
Number of general purpose GPIOs 13 (UART, SPI, TWI, QDEC, ADC, PDM)
High speed clock (32 MHz) Built-in
Low speed clock (32.768KHz) Built-in
Temperature sensor Built-in
Power management / High efficiencyDCDC, LDOBuilt-in
Operating temperature range -30 degrees to +85 degrees Celsius
Operating power supply range 1.7 V to 3.6 V
Weight0.09 g

Toshiba aims to promote wide application of the module, and aims to start mass production in 2022.

Toshiba is exhibiting the module at the 7th Wearable EXPO, at Tokyo Big Sight from 20-22 January.

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