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TinSky Connect offers always-on satellite Internet

The new “always-on” satellite connectivity by TinSky Connect is up to 20 times faster than current mobile satellite solutions.

TinSky Connect has announced that it is now offering the Intelsat FlexMove managed service for high-speed connectivity, anywhere in the world. With FlexMove, TinSky Connect’s customers can easily connect to the internet, private data networks and cloud services from virtually anywhere in the world, including while moving around, or on-the-pause at a temporary site.

“With the Intelsat FlexMove service, we can help our customers quickly and easily deploy mission-critical communications and maintain a seamless connection to the people and applications they rely on,” says TinSky’s executive director, Alan Geldenhuys. The TinSky Group is excited to partner with Intelsat to offer an industry-first high-throughput, ubiquitous connectivity solution.” 

The “always-on” FlexMove connectivity solution from TinSky Connect is up to 20 times faster than current mobile satellite solutions (MSS) for a fraction of the cost. It offers global, multi-layered, redundant coverage that enables even the most data-intensive applications.

“Intelsat welcomes the TinSky Group as a valued FlexMove solution partner,” says Intelsat director for land mobile, Joel Schroeder. “With the global, high-throughput FlexMove service, TinSky’s diverse African customers can seamlessly connect with confidence ― even in the most remote or challenging locations.”

TinSky Connect is now offering FlexMove service plans that are sold by the gigabyte (GB). These plans are seamlessly integrated with a portfolio of qualified satellite terminals empowering even non-technical personnel to set-up and connect to the internet in just minutes. Service plans are designed for recurring, seasonal, occasional and, event-based use. Users can pool airtime and share data costs across multiple terminals, making FlexMove a cost-effective connectivity solution for organizations with large vehicle fleets and numerous remote locations.

TinSky, is offering a promotion on FlexMove (comms-on-the-pause) terminals supplied at no charge when if the customer signs up for a qualifying monthly services plan. We also offer FlexMove Kymeta (on-the-move) platforms with a significant discount on the hardware and installation cost if the customer sign up for a monthly FlexMove service.

FlexMove services for COTM applications use a flat-panel compact, vehicle-mounted satellite terminal that automatically acquires a connection and maintains communication while the vehicle is moving. The FlexMove COTP service uses a highly compact and portable satellite terminal with an automatic or assisted pointing function to connect to a satellite. Connectivity choices include a public internet connection or a private IP solution to access a customer’s network.

To learn more about the Intelsat FlexMove managed service available from TinSky Connect, visit

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