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TIBCO enhances data tools for non-tech users

TIBCO’s new data tools from its Unify portfolio feature improved user interfaces to help non-technical users better innovate with data.



TIBCO has made a series of key enhancements to its Data Virtualisation and EBX products, designed to power an organisation’s data fabric.

Provided in the region by TechSoft, the products form part of the TIBCO Unify data management portfolio. The critical updates are designed to assist companies in spending less time on production and more time on innovation. Additional functionality now includes significantly improved user interfaces and low-code implementation, and new cloud connectors. This will enable non-technical users to better innovate with data while improving data processing capacity.

“Data management remains the number one issue holding analytics back. Poorly managed data is the primary bottleneck to gathering accurate insights, and complex systems don’t help,” says Tony Nkuna, senior consultant and Integration Specialist, TechSoft International. “With the enhancements to the TIBCO data management portfolio, we are giving customers a reimagined solution that will significantly change the shape of an organisation’s data fabric. With new features that promote ease of use, they can now also be more pervasively used in a business, and additional users can join the data conversation.”

Core new features to TIBCO EBX let customers rapidly process hundreds of thousands of records at scale, and embedded web interfaces and low-code scripting allow for the easy creation and design of custom forms, processes, and rules with little to no SQL knowledge. With the addition of graphical editors, users can match, merge, and analyse data, and EBX also includes built-in services directly into the workflow.

The simple web-based interface in TIBCO Data Virtualisation is designed to promote self-service functionality, and a new searchable data catalogue lets users view and find data sources across all application and data silos in the business. This further allows data to be reused and saves production and data teams time. Its out-of-the-box connectivity to popular cloud data sources, including Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Google BigQuery, helps customers virtualise data in both a cloud and hybrid environment.

“Time to insights is so critical, but many data management platforms fail to deliver because they take months to implement and by the time they are ready, data sources have changed. With these new enhancements to TIBCO Data Virtualization and TIBCO EBX, we are smashing through those challenges and bringing users a solution that will ease the process of matching, merging and analysing data,” says Nkuna.

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